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3DS101: Artec Structured Light Scanning

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3DS101: Artec Structured Light Scanning

3D Scanning Series

3DS101: Artec Structured Light Scanning

Interested in learning how to reverse engineer objects? Or reproduce priceless scientific collections to send out to distance learning teachers around the state? What about 3D scanning applications in the medical industry? Or what if you simply want to 3D scan your face and paste your head onto a hunky bobblehead body?

In this 60-minute workshop, you'll learn everything you need to know to scan objects from the world around you and go from mesh to model using a method of 3D scanning called structured light scanning, or SLS. SLS uses bright, flashing patterns and a series of cameras to measure the 3D shape of an object by reading how shadows projected across the model shift and change -- which powerful software can interpret as depth in order to reconstruct the geometric shape of the object's surface. Finally, you'll learn how to repair, trim, and edit your scans to turn them into functional objects that you can ultimately 3D print.

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In this course, you'll learn:

  • How structured light scanners (SLS) work.

  • Advantages and limitations of SLS.

  • Preparing to scan, including how to hold and store the Artec Space Spider scanner, and how to start and stop scans effectively.

  • The fundamentals of Artec Studio software, including tips and tricks for getting the perfect scan.

  • Post-processing steps, including aligning scans and erasing unwanted scan data, as well as how to fuse scans together and produce final 3D objects.

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