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CAD101: Learning Onshape

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CAD101: Learning Onshape

Modeling & Design Series

CAD101: Learning Onshape

CAD, or computer-aided design, is used to design objects with defined dimensions and real-world applications. You might already be familiar with CAD if you’re a designer or engineer-type of person. Other than designing, CAD softwares can also calculate material properties, test stress points, and calculate tolerances.

Onshape is one such CAD tool, with the added benefit of being not only cloud-based, but also free. While introductory, it has a powerful suite of over 100 design and assembly tools to choose from, and is very well suited for most introductory CAD applications. So step up your CAD game with Onshape. It's an excellent free software, easy to grasp and learn, and one we recommend that all makers learn how to use.

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In this course, you'll learn:

  • How CAD software works, and how it differs from 3D modeling programs.

  • The fundamentals of Onshape and the four most basic steps.

  • How to effectively navigate in Onshape, and how to constrain designs.

  • How to create sketches, extrude shapes, add dimensions, and add features.

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