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CAD103: Learning Autodesk Fusion 360

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CAD103: Learning Autodesk Fusion 360

Modeling & Design Series

CAD103: Learning Autodesk Fusion 360

Computer-aided design, or CAD, is a versatile method of designing functional parts for prototyping. Parts made with CAD have calculated dimensions and material properties to make them easy to manufacture and edit. Knowing how to use CAD softwares is a must for aspiring engineers, designers, and tinkerers alike.

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D CAD program, unique among CAD software in its ability to store the entire history of the model, including all the changes. Whether you’re a professional in the design industry, a hobbyist just picking up 3D CAD drafting, or a handy person looking to fix a broken appliance in your house, Fusion 360 is a great tool for taking your designs from concept to reality. Fusion’s simple user interface and cloud based platform lets you explore design ideas quickly collaborate efficiently, and easily prepare your models for prototyping.

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In this course, you'll learn:

  • how CAD software works, and how it differs from 3D modeling programs.

  • Uses for Autodesk Fusion 360, and how to utilize the "browser tree."

  • How to create "bodies" and "parts," and how to build sketches, add thicknesses, and modify models.

  • Create sketches, lines, and shapes; the Create and Modify tabs, and common hotkeys.

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