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CRFT175: Advanced Industrial Singer Sewing Machines

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CRFT175: Advanced Industrial Singer Sewing Machines

Crafting Series

CRFT175: Advanced Industrial Singer Sewing Machines

Become a master of quilts, denim and leather by learning how to use industrial heavy-duty sewing machines. Whether you sew items for a living or you do it as a hobby, a heavy duty sewing machine should be a part of your collection. If you dive in to the world of clothing design and home interior decorations, there may be times when you find that you're sewing together thicker fabrics that might cause your smaller sewing machines to smoke! You might find yourself needing a beefier machine capable of handling them.

That's where heavy duty sewing machines come in to play. This workshop teaches you all about your Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine, and the important steps necessary to set up the sewing machine, thread the machine for the first time, change needles, sew on buttons, and much more.

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In this course, you'll learn:

  • Advanced safety requirements and reminders for using industrial sewing machines.

  • Anatomy, controls, and associated tools for the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 industrial sewing machine.

  • Intermediate and advanced sewing terms and techniques, and how to apply them.

  • How to operate the industrial machine, and options to consider while doing so.

  • How to thread the machine and get started using thicker fabrics, such as leather and canvas. 

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