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DEV 116: Introduction to data cleaning with OpenRefine

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DEV 116: Introduction to data cleaning with OpenRefine

Developer Series

DEV 116: Introduction to data cleaning with OpenRefine

This is a badge currently in-development by UW Digital Collections, and is intended to introduce users to the basics of the OpenRefine software.

Please check back here for more info, or contact Shannon Sheridan at with questions!

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In this course, you'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of OpenRefine, including the types of data OpenRefine can handle and what OpenRefine can do.

  • How to create new projects and import data.

  • The basic layout of the OpenRefine interface, including rows vs. records, accessing options, separating data cells, and how to appropriately choose and use separators and delimiters.

  • OpenRefine introductory operations, such as how to apply text facets or filters, types of facets, editing data through facets, adding and removing columns, and accessing cleaning steps.

  • OpenRefine advanced operations, such as clustering and transformations, GREL, changing data types, and arrays.

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